Proceeding on the basis of and in conformity with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ institutional values, which attach great importance to engaging the general public and building bridges of communication with the public, many channels for networking have been launched that allow the public to post their opinions and suggestions about the Ministry’s duties and responsibilities. This policy outlines the terms and conditions for the use of e-participation channels, as follows:


  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the comments and participation of its followers through all its e-participation channels at any time.


  1. The Ministry has the right to delete any materials that would constitute a source of threat to the national security or harm the reputation of the Sultanate politically, economically or socially; and to delete materials that constitute a violation of the privacy of the others or contain abuse, or any comments that may be an infringement of a personal nature; or contain inappropriate language. Hence, the Ministry has the right to take legal action against persons posting such materials.


  1. The team responsible for the e-participation channels shall deal with personal information and the numbers of requests for clients’ registration in complete secrecy.


  1. Followers are advised not to publish their personal data on the general web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and are instructed to use the private channels of communication; therefore, those who do not abide by the instructions are responsible for the dissemination of their personal data.


  1. The Ministry shall deal with the incoming comments and questions in both Arabic and English.


  1. Those in-charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ web pages have the right to exclude the participants who do not abide by these regulations.