1. Terms of Use


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  1. Disclaimer


The Ministry’s website provides links to government websites and information related to the e-services provided by these websites and institutions. Hence, the Ministry has designed this information and the links to facilitate access to government services through a single portal. However, the Ministry shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the information available on other websites or the functioning of the e-services.


In addition, the Ministry shall not give any commitments of any kind, either explicitly or implicitly that may ensure the user correct, valid, reliable, and timely contents of the portal. The Ministry also shall not give any commitments of any kind that the portal contents are not in contravention of the laws and legislation. The Ministry shall not be responsible for the contents of the websites that can be accessed through this website. Furthermore, the Ministry shall not undertake to fulfil any obligation with respect to any damage and losses that may occur due to access to those websites. The use of links and connections is for the purpose of facilitation, and access to websites is the personal liability of users.


  1. Rights and Legitimacy


While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to refuse, or to limit access to this portal for any reason, or to deny any type of access through internet connection at any time, without giving reasons, it is the responsibility of the website visitors to be cautious when using the information and services provided by this website.


Existing laws relating to telecommunications, e-transactions, and cybercrime and other related laws, which are in force in the Sultanate of Oman, shall be binding on both the visitors of the website, and those who use the website to make e-transactions.


The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may contain links to non-governmental organizations with applications for the protection of personal data and information which differ in their work from our applications. In these cases, the Ministry shall not take any responsibility for the contents of the applications and the privacy of those websites. Hence, we call on the users to review the notes posted on those websites, and to read the privacy policy for the Ministry’s website.


  1. Content – Intellectual Property Rights


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  1. Link and Framework


The links inserted in the portal were designed to facilitate browsing, and, if necessary, they may be changed, deleted or even disabled. The connection or link to any of the portal contents requires a formal consent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman. The Ministry shall not be responsible for any of these links, or the contents which lead to these links, or any activities related to other websites that can be accessed via this website.


It is strictly prohibited to reformulate any of the contents of the Ministry’s website. In the case of breaches of the contents, the Ministry may take legal action against the offenders. The Ministry reserves the right to impose conditions on users when the Ministry allows any website to use any of the links and connections in this website and its contents.


The Information Technology Authority (ITA) reserves the right to disable any link with any website that contains topics with inappropriate content, or is in violation of sanctity of others, or is defamatory, or contrary to existing treaties and contracts, or is improper, or contrary to the laws of the Sultanate. In addition, the ITA has the right to disable links to any names, materials or information which are in violation of any written law, or Islamic principles, or intellectual property laws or privacy.