The Vision:


To achieve perfection in diplomatic performance in such a way to reflect the strategic vision that His Majesty the Sultan has established, which calls for strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and friendship and contributing to the consolidation of international peace and security.


The Mission:


Establishing and maintaining peace in the world are two crucial elements for the good of humankind. Peace can only be preserved if it is based on solid principles of justice and understanding among all nations.


The values:


Allegiance to His Majesty the Sultan and the maintenance of the vital and legitimate interests of the Sultanate.


The enhancement and perfection of teamwork, the development of political and diplomatic staff and the provision of the necessary services to Omani citizens, dealers and beneficiaries through the ministry at home and its missions abroad. The provision of all possible facilities to the diplomatic missions of brotherly and friendly countries in the Sultanate of Oman.


In conducting its international relations, the Sultanate has always been keen to pursue an open-minded policy with the world in harmony, in its essence, with the Omani tradition, which is known for its distinctive tolerance and interaction with others on the basis of mutual respect and consideration of the geo-strategic realities and avoidance of convulsive and temporary ideological positions.