Mission Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Approved in Accordance with the Current Organizational Structure

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman is responsible for organising and directing the Sultanate’s relationship with other countries, as well as with international and regional organisations. Omani diplomacy, which is guided by the thought of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, is keen to extend the hand of friendship, and to continue to maintain good and equal relations with each country through cooperation, and adherence to international conventions and the principles of the United Nations, in order to achieve progress and development, and strengthen the foundations of global stability.

The Ministry is committed to perform its mission enshrined in the Basic Statute of the State, especially the following basic principles:

  1. To maintain the independence, sovereignty and the preservation of the statehood.
  1. To strengthen the bond of cooperation and to reaffirm the ties of friendship with all nations and peoples on the basis of mutual respect and benefit, and non-interference in internal affairs, and to respect international conventions and regional treaties, and to recognize the rules of international law in general which lead to the spread of peace and security among nations and peoples.

Generally, the Ministry endeavours to develop the Sultanate’s foreign relations and consolidate such relations with the political thought of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the management and fostering of the Sultanate’s diplomatic relations and its foreign affairs. It is an external official (Government) channel for communications, and a basic reference for the government in connection with international relations issues.

The Ministry is responsible for all Foreign Affairs matters of the Sultanate in general, and undertakes specifically the following tasks:

  1. To foster the political, economic, cultural and scientific interests of the Sultanate with the countries across the world.
  2. To build and strengthen relations of friendship and cooperation between the Sultanate and the countries and peoples across the world.
  3. To establish diplomatic relations and diplomatic missions with the countries across the world in order to serve the interests of the Sultanate.
  4. To foster the affairs of Omani nationals abroad.
  5. To coordinate, with the relevant ministries and institutions in the Sultanate, the prospects of exploration and development in the areas of economic and technical cooperation with brotherly and friendly countries.
  6. To participate in the preparation of bilateral and multilateral committees and meetings, and to take part in negotiations between the Sultanate and other countries in international conferences, particularly with regard to the conclusion of agreements and conventions.
  7. To assess the path of bilateral and multilateral relations between the Sultanate and other states and regional and international organizations.
  8. To provide the relevant ministries and institutions in the Sultanate with information, and to coordinate with them on outlining the positions of the Sultanate, each within its field of competence.
  9. To monitor events and regional and international political developments, and to collect information about these developments in order to serve the higher interests of the Sultanate.
  10. To formulate the political positions of the Sultanate at the regional and international events, highlighting Oman’s policy in international forums.
  11. To cooperate with the Sultanate’s competent ministries and authorities in promoting foreign investment opportunities locally, and all that would serve the common interests of the Sultanate, and in enhancing the positive partnership between the Sultanate and the countries across the world in the fields of economy, trade, science, education and culture.
  12. To encourage dialogue between countries across the world, and to resolve disputes through peaceful means so as to achieve constructive cooperation and understanding, and to serve international peace and security and economic development.
  13. To take measures on the issuance of Royal Decrees with respect to delegating authority to sign, join or ratify international agreements procedures following the approval of the Minister’s Cabinet.
  14. To give papers of mandate to Omani delegates in order to participate in international conferences and instruments of accession and ratification of international conventions.
  15. To supervise and direct the Omani missions abroad.
  16. To issue diplomatic, special and service passports, consistent with the provisions of the law.
  17. To supervise and direct the Omani Diplomatic Institute, and to develop its scientific and academic curricula in order to strengthen the capabilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ cadres, as determined by the Ministry’s regulations.
  18. To supervise the Diplomatic Club of Oman in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ regulations.
  19. To supervise the Sultanate’s accredited diplomatic missions, including the diplomatic quarter, and to coordinate with the competent authorities on the matters that would facilitate the functions of these missions.
  20. To attest all certificates and documents issued by the Sultanate’s ministries and institutions, or which have been attested by the Sultanate’s missions abroad.
  21. To carry out the functions of the Secretary of the Civil Registry of the Sultanate of Oman through the Sultanate’s missions abroad in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.
  22. To regulate the rules of the establishment of committees or associations of friendship with other countries and the issuance of licenses to create them by a decision from the Minister in-charge, as determined in accordance with the regulations.